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Marlee Dietert

"It's never too late to build a healthier, happier YOU!"

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About Me

Personal training is what helped me to change and improve my life and I now enjoy helping others as a Canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist! (with Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C)

I have a history of personal workout experience, including Weight Training, Kickboxing, Boxing, Pilates and various other fitness avenues.  I have hired Personal Trainers in the past to help me reach my own fitness goals.

I was employed by GoodLife Fitness Club in Ottawa Ontario as a Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist, and certified in Resist-a-ball Levels 1 and 2. While there I was privileged to improve the lives of many from all walks of life. From Seniors to pregnant women and marathon runners to competitive swimmers.

I currently live in beautiful Berwick NS and now offer my Personal Training services here under the banner "New Life Personal Training".

 Outside of fitness my other interests include singing / songwriting, animals, and reading. I love to watch my son play hockey and my daughter figure skate. My ultimate happy place is spending time on the Fundy or Atlantic Ocean shore with my husband and 2 children, breathing that salt air into my lungs!


I believe an important part of living a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a strong and functional body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals through personal assessments, and to design an exercise program that is specific to your needs.  I will guide you through every exercise and motivate you through each workout.  I want to help you find a sustainable, enjoyable, fit-focused lifestyle that will encourage a stronger body, improved performance, happier thoughts, better health and longer life!

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What I Can Do For You

As a certified trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles, beyond getting you into shape and weight loss. I also help with improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and building strength. I have experience in pre and postnatal fitness and training senior clentele.

Other program design I offer is implementing Plyometric and Circuit training that is sports-specific. 

And for a little "fun" I can even throw in a kickboxing workout (or not lol! ).  To get the heart pumpin' and endorphins flowin'... give me a call and let's get goin'!

Scroll down for more service details.

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Resistance, Cardio Respiratory, and Flexibility Programs

A Healthier You
Increase Your Performance

These are the three primary components of fitness. I will create sessions incorporating these components based on your specific goals. 1) Increasing muscle strength and endurance causes every day activities to be easier and more muscle requires more calories which can aid in maintaining a healthy body weight and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 2) Increasing cardio-respiratory capacity will build a stronger heart, reduce a resting heart rate and lower the risk of heart and lung related diseases.  3) In a flexibility focus we can improve range of motion, enhancing mobility and improving posture.

I also offer sports specific training.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Learn how to safely and effectively exercise during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a brief and precious time where your body (and mind) is moving through a transitional phase.  I have experience training women during and after this beautiful and sometimes challenging phase of life. Through a program designed to meet your ever changing needs you will have opportunity to reap the many *benefits of being or becoming an exercising mother-to-be!
*Increases maternal aerobic fitness
*Helps to keep body fat gain in check
*Helps to prevent Gestational Diabetes
*Improves circulation
*Improves proper posture and muscular balance
*Improves core strength
*The incidence of postpartum depression is lower in exercising mothers
*Reduces fetal stress during labour

Cheerful Seniors

Active Aging Training

Safe workouts designed for specific needs of seniors to become and remain strong, energetic, improving function.

I have additional qualification in this area and have many success stories working with senior clientele.  If this is you, then I would love to create a program that can tackle and greatly improve situations related to balance, strength, and cardiorespiratory health. Ultimately...making every day tasks easier to perform, and achieving a more fit and functional you, can augment JOY in your life!

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Berwick NS Appledome Phase 2 almost complete!

October 2018

Berwick residents are getting excited as we watch the construction each day on Veteran's drive.  The long anticipated phase 2 is happening as I type! The new addition to the already busy King's Mutual Century Center "The Appledome" (home of the Valley Wildcats and Berwick Bruins) is going to be a great addition to our town. Phase 2 consists of a new curling rink and a fully equipped fitness facility! Strength Training Machines, Free Weights, Cardio Machines, Spin Bikes, and more! It is in this brand new facility that I plan on launching my "New Life Personal Training" business here in town.  We will be opening the facility Tuesday October 9th. 6:30am!  Then we will have a Grand Opening on Friday & Saturday October 19-20!  Keep checking back for more details.  Make time for YOU and your HEALTH!   -Marlee Dietert


Phase 2 Open For Business!!!

December 2018

Wow! The gym is open!  So exciting! People from the lovely town of Berwick and surrounding area are truly enjoying our NEW beautiful fitness facility.  I have been working with clients to help make and achieve various fitness goals as a personal trainer at the club and have been thoroughly enjoying getting to know so many new exercisers! Come on in and check what the Buzz is all about!


Super Summer ...into Fantastic Fall!

August 2019

Hey fellow Berwickians! What a lovely summer we are having.  However, it always feels a bit short. I had some nice vacation time with my family and have had some great successes with my amazing clients! I'm excited to head into fall fitness at the Centre! Give me a call or fire off an email and we can discuss your goals and get you going on something new for YOU!


Staying Home, Staying Safe, Staying Hopeful

March 2020

Hi everyone.  Just a quick note to let you know that the Berwick Fitness Center is closed until further notice and I too am not working as a personal trainer at this difficult time.  While the world is experiencing this pandemic I urge you to stay home, stay safe and appreciate/take care of yourself and your loved ones.   Do your best to remain active when possible but above all strive to be a light amidst the darkness.  I KNOW you can find ways to shine and be the good for others and for yourself.  I hope to be able to one day once again be able to help others with their goals.  Take care, Love Me! Marlee 


Center opening...still no training by Marlee

June 2020

Hi all.  The Berwick Fitness Center is getting ready to open with new rules due to Covid 19.  I will not be returning to work at this time.  As a personal trainer I not only am available psychologically I also need to be there physically in close proximity to ensure safety during training. At this point in the pandemic I am not able to provide my services.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I am not able to provide a date of my return to personal training at this time.  I'll keep you posted via my website. I'll be in touch with my current clients to discuss the current situation.  Stay safe, and stay healthy.    -Marlee

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Common Questions

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Where do we train?

Jan 2023 Currently I am not offering training.

How do I sign up?

In order to sign up for personal training, you simply need to contact me by phone or email and we can book a time to sit and talk about your goals and expectations.  I can then answer any questions regarding getting started.   Before our first actual workout  you will need a membership to the Berwick Fitness Center.  This can be obtained by calling the town office at 902-538-8068 or the gym itself at 902-538-0039 where you will discover they offer many membership options. ie: drop in fee, monthly, yearly, seniors, students, couples, family, and corporate rates.

How much does  it cost per session? Are there packages?

Pricing per session depends on the package you need to reach your goals. I offer a minimum of 7 sessions. This allows for the initial free consultation session, one initial assessment session, then six workout sessions. representing at least 3 weeks with me at two sessions per week. We will talk actual prices at the first consultation based on your needs and the package you choose. I also offer shared sessions with a maximum of 2 people including you. In this case the price is lower per person, however the hour is shared. Sometimes it is fun to workout with a buddy and this also can help with accountability.  All sessions are 60 minutes.



Do YOU want a new way of living for the betterment of you and those around you? Please contact me, Marlee Dietert of New Life Personal Training and we will sit down and have a chat!

Berwick, NS, Canada

cell 902-840-1744

home 902-375-2212

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"As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person."
Proverbs 27:19

"...and if you don't like what you see, you have the power within to change it!"

Marlee Dietert

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This gallery will change from time to time. Check out the new pictures of the inside of the new Berwick Fitness Centre!

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